Mar 12, 2009

Spinning Again

It's a very good day in this knitty neighborhood. I've gotten calls from hubbo telling me that he's really enjoying the debut of his new scarf and my grandfather telling me that he's wearing his new socks and they fit great. Of course I have no pictures of either of these things in use. Bah!

Golden Tiger YarnWhat I can show you is proof that my wheels are once again seeing a bit of action. Hooray!

First is a yarn that I'm calling Golden Tiger because that's what it reminded me of as I was plying it the other day. The yellow-orange ply is merino/silk from Cloverleaf Farm that I bought at MDS&W last year. It was such gorgeous stuff that looked golden and coppery and just wowed me. I love it so much that I left some of it as singles (seen below). I think it may just stay like that forever because I just adore it.

The darker ply in the Golden Tiger yarn is a natural colored wool that I can't identify. I think that it's one of the purchases I made last year in Ottawa. Australian or African something or other. I really wish I knew what it was because it's nice and soft and it spun well for me.

Precious Metals YarnThe only problem I have with this yarn is that the yardage is pretty short - 124 yards of the plyed stuff. It could be and accent on something or it could stay as is. When I'm spinning the yarn itself is the product and it pleases my just as is most of the time.

Most of my bobbins were full so I'm still in plying mode. Charlotte and I are working on the Creatively Dyed fiber I spun a while back and it's going to take a little while because I spun it much thinner so there will be quite a bit of yardage. Yay!

I really can't wait for more warm weekends because with 2 wheels, a drum carder, and a decent sized fiber stash - I could have some wonderful fun. I'd rather use the drum carder outside where the mess won't bother me as much and, as a plus, I can do my thing while watching stinkette and Hubbo play with the new basketball hoop. Bring on the spring!

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Carole Knits said...

I love to spin outside! You'll be getting to do that before me, I bet.