Mar 11, 2009

Sock Story

IMG_2650[1]It seems like maybe my sock mojo has returned. I finished another sock last week. This is the first of my Francie socks in DIC Smooshy. I got this pattern immediately after I first saw it on the Harlot's blog. It looked so great on the foot and I just had to have a pair.

Now that I've finished the first of mine I'm noticing that all of the pictures I've seen of these socks to date are modeled shots. I think there's a really good reason for that. Off the foot they look kind of weird. The words that leap to mind really aren't the sort usually applied to socks, unless they're being worn by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Words like flaccid and phallic. * shakes the thought off *

Anyway, I think it's the abundance of ribbing combined with the unusual shaping of the foot that's weird. On the foot it looks great. It's just that... oh nevermind. It's a great sock and it's timely too because last week I had my first sock casualty and by coincidence those were red socks too.

Here is one of the Jaywalkers that I made in January of 2006. It was my first sock knitting experience and I used STR in a color called Ruby Slippers. At the time I was so proud of these socks. They were just so cool and I've really enjoyed wearing them.


I was so sad when Stinkette noticed the hole in the sole of the foot which she called to my attention by sticking a finger in it. I was even sadder when I noticed the other hole which is right on the front seam of the sock. I really can't imagine how that happened. Is it the result of normal wear? Yarn failure? I don't know and I'm not sure what I'll do about it dince the rest of that yarn is long gone. Right now it's just a bummer.


Margene said...

It would be worth your time to find a similar color and darn over the hole. Work over the stitches like you're doing duplicate stitch. Sometimes the yarn is broken when you catch it on something.

Carole Knits said...

Sorry about the socks. I'm guessing it's normal wear.