Mar 25, 2009

Baby Things and Simple Socks

IMG_2664[1]My displeasure with the endless ribbing required for the Francie socks was probably exacerbated by working simultaneously on the skirt of a baby dress I'm knitting as a gift. It was essentially a 3x3 rib with lacy bits every 4th row. No fun at all but I pushed through ut and now I love the result.

The yarn is Katia Mississippi 3 which has never let me down and it'll be a winner this time too. The color is really hard to photograph but it's kind of a cool red that plays well with the blue edge. It's a really soft cotton that's totally machine washable which makes it perfect for baby gifts.

I've gotten quite a bit further since I took this picture and I've now finished knitting the top and I'm in the process of seaming it and putting the finishing touches on. I expect that this will be finished and in the mail by the weekend.

DSC_0219Because all that ribbing was getting to me, I cast on for a nice simple sock as soon as Francie was off the needles. This is Regia Cotton Surf in no particular pattern at all which is making me very happy right now. I cast on at the toe, increased 'till it fit and now I'll just follow where the sock takes me (making notes for the second sock along the way). It's perfect for commuter knitting and the cotton will be lovely in the spring & summer on those rare occasions where I wear socks.

It's not the only sock on my needles right now but it is the only one I can share so it'll have to do for now. The only bummer about using cotton yarn is that I'll really have to add ribbing before I finish but I hope to have recovered from my ribbing aversion by the time I get there.

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Carole Knits said...

That baby dress is going to be adorable. And I love the blues in your new socks.