Mar 18, 2009

Ten on... Any Day

It's supposed to be Ten on Tuesday but it turns out that Tuesday is usually one of the few days in a given week that I have something else to say so here's my Ten on Tuesday Any Day I Like.

This week the subject is songs I hate which is a topic I have unreasonably strong feelings about although it's mostly artists in general and types of songs rather than specific songs. You're probably going to think these are nuts and I'm totally prepared for this.

  1. Daughters by John Mayer - I actually hate most of John Mayers music and I almost always change the station when it comes on. It's kind of a thing in our house and my girls get a kick out of trying to see how long it takes me to turn him off. I even told the DJ at our recent event not to play any JM if he wanted to be paid. Yeah, I have really strong feelings on this. Above all of his other stuff, this song really sets my teeth on edge though for some reason.
  2. Radio edits - I understand that many parents want to protect their children from bad language but I think this is a slippery slope. Many stations just bleep out the word or 2 that offends and I'm ok with that but when you start changing the lyrics to sanitize them and you remove not just the 4-letter words but references to drug use or other offensive behavior it gets out of hand. Take the lyrics to 1985 by Bowling For Soup. The original went "Debbie just hit the wall; She never had it all; One Prozac a day; Husband's a CPA" and it got changes to "Debbie just hit the wall; She never had it all; one workout a day; Husband's a CPA". Not quite the same is it?
  3. Sappy songs - You’re Having My Baby, Longer... I can't think of them right now but there are dozens of them. One word - ick.
  4. Songs with electronically altered voices - Again - Ick.

Ok, that's enough for now.


Margene said...

From the sounds of it we'd could happily sit in the same room while knitting. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And I could happily join you and Margene :-)

Carole Knits said...

I don't even know who John Mayer is. I'm so out of the loop!