Mar 3, 2009

Any Day Beret

Lego YodaBefore the snow arrived it was quite the busy weekend for us. It started when DQ and I atttended movie night at my LYS on Friday night and continued with birthday parties and shopping. One of the highlights for Stinkette was going to take part of a Lego event where they got to build Yoda. This is a small version of the sculpture they were working on. Stink-o contributed to a version that will be 8 feet tall.

Now yesterday's snow has turned to ice. The girls are back in school and I'm no longer working from home. In all we got about 7 inches which may not be huge by most standards but, as Carole and Julie noted, for my area it was big. Especially when you consider that our schools have been known to close at the threat of snow... before a single flake has even hit the ground. Yes, it's pathetic. Anyway, this storm was actually worthy of the attention and we thoroughly enjoyed the snow. I didn't even mind shoveling it at all.

My shoveling enjoyment probably had as much to do with my new hat as it did with loving the snow. I finished this early last week, blocked it, and it finished drying just in time for the weekend. Naturally I had to wear it all weekend long.


At first I wore it because it was new and fun but I kept wearing it because of the hat hair. Oh the perils of wearing hats!

The pattern is the Gwen Slouch by Lauren Nell Roy which I worked in Fibranatura Oak. The pattern was really easy. It suggests using markers for the repeats but I didn't because the more lace I knit - the more I find that stitch markers just get in my way. Other than that I knit this hat exactly as written and I have no complaints at all. I really love the laciness of this. I'm sure that for real hard-core outdoorsiness I'd want a more solid hat but it was plenty warm this weekend. Light too. I mostly forgot I was wearing it.


The color I chose is called chocolate but it could easily be called milk chocolate. The color in these pictures is about right. It's not a deep rich brown but rather a soft brown. It totally works for me. I call this my Any Day Beret because the color goes with anything I wear. I have another beret (I'll show it another day) which I made pre-blog in 2003. It's very colorful so a versatile piece like this is welcome.


In the closeup shots you can also see the flecks in the yarn. The yarn is made of wool, silk, and linen and I think that the hairs are both the silk and the linen. I like them. they didn't get in the way of the knitting at all and add a little interest. Bottom line is that this yarn is very soft and knit up without any difficulty.

Kudos to DQ for taking all of these photos. I thank you very much.


Carole Knits said...

It looks fantastic! I know what you mean about the hat hair, though. That's the biggest reason why I don't wear hats.

Cursing Mama said...

I love the beret - but hate shoveling.