May 26, 2009

Big Plans and Improptu Hanging Out

The title of this post pretty much sums it all up and it was really all very good.

Going into the weekend we had plans to belatedly celebrate Stinkette's birthday. I spent days working on a cake in my spare time and this was the result. It was supposed to look like a softball hit a birthday cake. I was sure it would come apart but thankfully it held together and thrille Stink and her friends.

I wish I had better pictures of the party itself but it was in an arcade-like place with dim lights and black walls. Not good for taking pictures so they all look like the one below - only worse. it was great fun though. They just turned on the games - skeeball, Pac-man, dancing games, pool tables, Wii, air hockey and more - and the kids had the run of the place all by themselves.


The big plans also included a softball game on Saturday morning (they won - yay!) and a Girl Scout field trip on Sunday.

We rounded out the weekend with a bunch of stuff that was vey last minute like a quick trip to the pool and a lovely dinner out with good friends. It was all very tiring and wonderful.


We finished the weekend with a very low-key barbeque with friends at our house and as soon as our guests left we fell into our usual pose of recline in the living room exhausted but happy.

It's amazing how a super busy weekend feels so much longer sometimes. It's like the time stretches to fit all the stuff in. What was the high point of your weekend?


Carole Knits said...

The cake is wonderful! You are so creative with your kids birthdays! The highlight of our weekend was hanging out with the kids from Florida.

Anonymous said...

Great cake! The highlight of my weekend was my youngest son's graduation from college! And a great highlight it was...

Anonymous said...

That cake is so cool! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

The highlight of my weekend was getting a tattoo :-)

JessaLu said...

v cool cake - and what an awesome water shot!