May 15, 2009

ECF - LC Edition

LC is how librarians I know refer to the Library of Congress and it's classification system. I've been to the LC buildings before to do reserch and I hold a LC library card but I've never taken a tour... till now. It seems that this is field trip season and last week DQ's English teacher took them on an amazing, all-day, trip that included the Capitol, The Folger Shakespeare Theater, The Supreme Court, Georgetown, dinner at Sequoia (yum!) and a tour of the Library of Congress. I took and early lunch (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and joined them for the LC tour. It was so worth it. You must see it if you get a chance.

From the outside it's ok.


But once you get inside it'll take your breath away.


These pictures are the best of the few I took but they don't even show the best of the LC. It's full of treasures and meaning and beauty.


Today, field trip season continues and DQ is at a band competition and an amusement park. I am at work. She's got such a rough life.


sprite said...

The foyer really is spectacular, isn't it? I just sat and stared for half an hour on my first visit this winter...

Carole Knits said...

That's fantastic! On my list for the next visit.

Anonymous said...

I went with my 8th grader to his band competition and amusement park trip last weekend. It was the Music in the Parks competition. I think that herding chickens would be easier then getting middle school children to listen . I have spent to whole week trying to catch up. We were at Kennywood in Pittsburgh