May 6, 2009

Yikes! The Haul

DSC_0499Thank you so much for the good thoughts. I'm still taking things a little easy and my shoulder is feeling much better.

My blog absence yesterday had nothing to to with injury and everything to do with messiness. You can see a small part of it at left. Yesterday they came to install our new windows. ALL our new windows. They pulled out every window on the main floor of our house. We also had some related electrical work done so there was spotty power in my very chilly house all day. Good times! In the end it all got done and the house looks great. I'm just so happy that it's done.

If I had blogged yesterday I would've shared my MDS&W haul with you. A few people had asked how much I got that it caused me to hurt myself. Well, I'm not sure if the fiber was the cause but here it is - you be the judge.

Here is some of the spinnable haul. I got 2 from Gale's Art on the bottom. The one on the right is what she calls Black Blue Faced Leicester. She used the darker wool to dye and I love the effect on the colors. The left one is Merino that DQ said I had to get. That was a theme for the day. On top are 2 tops from Bullen's Woolens. DQ insisted that I get them after I got a very good deal on something else from their booth - details later.


I got a bit of yarn too. From top to bottom I got STR Lightweight in Thraven and County Clare, the dark salmon is Shelridge Farm Sock yarn, Below it is lighter peach and bluish Ellen's Half Pint Farm sock, and at the bottom is Peace Fleece worstsed for a 28Thirty for DQ. She would also like to see the Thraven yarn become socks for her. We'll see.


Some of what I got was not actually fiber but fiber-related. I got myself a simple Golding spindle to see if using a really good spindle might help me learn to spin on a spindle with some degree of success. The mug is from Jennie the Potter and I love, love, love it. It was the first thing I bought and possibly the only thing I'll get to keep for me. The family had better keep their hands off!


I got a bunch of other stuff - Cormo to spin, Jamie Harmon angora yarn, a nosty and wpi tool but I'm skipping the pictures of them. This post is getting long. I can't skip my best deal of the day though. This is a box of Bog Buns from Bullen's Woolens. It's got about 3 lbs of fiber in 51 colors to mix and match an play with. Stinkette saw it and immediately thought of felting it. I'm thinking of spinning it. She normally sells these boxes for $100 (I think) but was offering this one for $75 since it was her old put-up and some of the colors are ones she no longer works with. DQ thought I should get it but I wasn't sure. The day was getting kind of spendy thanks to a certain evil teen influence. Then they offered it to me for $50 and I just couldn't leave it behind. DQ noted correctly that the difference in price totally covered the tops I was loooking at in the same booth so... what could I do. I bought them. On the way home it hit me that 8 oz of fiber usually costs me about $19-24 sooooo 3 lbs for $50 is not half bad at all.



Anonymous said...

WOW, that's a nice haul!

Carole Knits said...

Great haul! That box of wool is so colorful - I love it.

margene said...

I find the Golding spindles to help immensely when learning to spin. You did a great job of shopping.

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Sarah said...

How gorgeous!