May 18, 2009

What Was I Thinking

DSC_0180My weekends lately are filled to overflowing and a lot of it is sporty stuff. If this keeps up maybe I'll even get into the act eventually. It will if Stinkette has her way.

This weekend Stinky ran in the Girls On The Run 5k with hubbo as her buddy-runner. She says that next year she wants to run with both of us. We'll see. That's a pretty tall order for me.

Aside from the 5k, she also participated in a track and field gathering and had a softball game withing less than 24 hours. I thought for sure she'd fall over from exhaustion after all that but no, not my girl. She just keeps going.

DSC_0204I've been battling allergies all through the past week. They were so bad that they had my head pounding nonstop all last week despite all the Advil and Zyrtec I took. Thankfully it's clearing now and on Thursday night I finally got another sock on the needles.

This is the start of the Mad Color Weave socks by Tina Lorin. The pattern is from Sock Madness 1 but it's not one that I test-knit. I love it though and I've wanted to knit it for ages. Now that I am, it's going so fast. I just love well-written, engaging patterns that you can commit to memory with no problem. Those are the best for commuter knitting. I can get so absorbed in a pattern like this that I no longer notice the weirdness (and rudeness) around me.

The yarn is another story. It's All Things Heather in a color called Neon Vegas. Try as I might I cannot imagine what frame of mind I was in that this seemed like a good idea. The green in this yarn is wicked bright. I really don't know anyone who would wear socks this eye-searingly bright. DQ says that I could wear them with looooong pants and closed up shoes. I suppose I she's right. I just can't imagine wearing these socks but they're fun to knit.


sprite said...

Aw, and here I was thinking, "Awesome yarn!"

Carole Knits said...

Those are definitely bright! That was one of my favorite SM patterns ever.

Anonymous said...

I like the crazy colors in your socks, but then I'm a little crazy :-)

Sarah said...

I think it would be awesome for the three of you to participate in the 5k next year. A year seems like a good amount of time to prepare. Then again, I am not a runner or a trainer. I had a friend looking for buddies for a 5k, but I did not join because I thought she was running. As it turns out, she walked, and I could have managed that.

I think insanely bright colors are wonderful little secrets for socks.

Anonymous said...

I bet the ground was shaking! Lay off the cheetos!