May 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - '10 Celebrities You're Tired Of'

As soon as I saw the topic for this week (after I had already posted for the day) I started putting my list together. I am admittedly an avid consumer of celebrity gossip but if I'd be a very happy girl if some of them returned to total anonymity and were never heard from again. I don't wish them ill but I do wish them away. Far, far, away.

10 Celebrities I'm Tired Of

  1. John Mayer - if you didn't see this one making my list then you're just not paying attention.
  2. Lindsay Lohan - Get it together girl!
  3. Paula Abdul - Nauseating
  4. Paris Hilton - How is she relevant to anyone or anything?
  5. Mel Gibson
  6. Tom Cruise
  7. All the MTV "reality" show stars - Who cares
  8. Ann Coulter - Shut up
  9. Rosie O'Donnell
  10. Jessica Simpson

Good thing there are quick little lists like this for really busy days like today. Which "celebs" would you like to banish to another planet?


Cursing Mama said...

I think my list would be pretty similar - except I might demote Jessica Simpson and add Kate Gosslin or Bret Farve.

Carole Knits said...

Couldn't agree more on Ann Coulter. And allow me to add Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and Carole,
Were all tired of you too! I guess a bunch of old fat women hating anything that' slim, young and pretty is the norm. I bet your husbands would trade you for them, including Ann Coulter.

Carole, you can have your liar hypocrite botox queen Pelosi and the most corrupt Henry Reid! What jealous hypocrites.