May 13, 2009

Dimpled Diamonds

DSC_0139Lest anyone should forget that this is a knitting blog, today I'll share one of the recent finished objects.

This is a pair of socks that I test-knit for Sock Madness 3. The pattern is called Dimpled Diamonds and was created by Deborah Swift who created the pattern for the Godmother's Socks that appeared in Sock Madness last year. I test-knit both of these patterns and I and I have to say that working with Deborah was great. I tend to be very apologetic about pointing out errors and making suggestions because I feel like I'm being a nit-picky pest but she is so understanding and willing to work through it all.

One of the fun things about this pattern is the transition at the cuff from the Quilted Lattice to the Modified Dimple Stitch pattern. Doesn't it look cool?

For this pattern I chose to use a yarn I hadn't tried before. Plymouth Happy Feet is a Merino/Nylon blend so I hope that it'll wear well. I do know that when you're test-knitting socks there can be quite a lot of tinking and re-knitting going on and this yarn stood up to it well. It's a little hard to tink because it wants to stick to itself but I think that it'll be fine in the long run.

This yarn is lightly variegated but I think that this is one of those rare patterns where a wildly colored yarn would work well. That's the beautiful thing about Sock Madness - you get to see so many different versions of the sock pop up all at once. The may interpretations of a sock can be very inspiring.


Now I find myself at a weird moment where I have no socks at all on my needles. It's actually kind of uncomfortable because I'm so used to reaching for the sock in progress whenever I have a free moment. I've wound 2 yarns into cakes that are all ready to go. On the one hand, my Dimpled Diamonds have me thinking of turning a crazy skein of All Things Heather into Mad Weave Socks. I think that the travelling stitches could be just the thing to tame that skein. On the other hand, there is a gorgeous skein of Creatively Dyed yarn that is screaming to become a pair of Cat Bordhi socks. I have her New Pathways for Sock Knitters book with me and I'm tempted to dive in. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I ought to just grab a random skein and start a simple toe-up sock while I figure out what to do next.


Carole Knits said...

Those are gorgeous! I've seen a lot of wildly colored ones over at the SM group but I really love them in this semi-solid.

margene said...

Carole said what I was going to say...that is one GORGEOUS sock. Love the pattern and the color!!

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Anonymous said...

Put a sock over your head. LoL

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