Feb 1, 2010

Define a Dusting

This past weekend was cleared long ago so that I could help out with Tech Weekend for the middle school musical which DQ will be in. I planned to spend most of my time painting sets and I actually got up early (for me) on Saturday and went to the school to get to work. Unfortunately, no sooner had I poured the paint and developed a flow to my work than the school, and our endeavours, were shut down.

Apparently the weather people were wrong again. We didn't get a dusting of snow. We got about 6 inches which, in Virginia, is enough to shut everything down. Being a stubborn New Yawka I decided to go shopping rather than going directly home but after seeing a few cars ahead of me fishtail and go off the sides of the road I gave up and went home.


At home I sat on the couch and knit until the roads were clear again on Sunday afternoon. I got a lot done but none of it will help get the production ready for opening night in 2 weeks! I have a feeling that I may have a few late nights at the school this week.


margene said...

We are envious of your 6" as we only had a true dusting. Winter has been cold but fruitless this year. Home is a good place to be in snowy weather.

Carole Knits said...

I've seen how a dusting can panic people in your area - I can just imagine what 6" does!

Manise said...

Yup that kind of snowfall tends to paralyze your area. Glad you spent it doing something fun.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you were able to make it back home safely.