Feb 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Favorite Places to Knit

After what seems like a never-ending story of snow and the disruptions it causes things may finally start moving back to normal today. They've got a long way to go.


This is what we saw in our neighborhood yesterday. This team consisting of a plow, a front end loader, and a bobcat went up and down the streets in our neighborhood trying to find the curbs. This is on top of the groups of volunteers who were out with shovels over the weekend clearing sidewalks and bus stops, trying to make it a little safer for the kids who return to school today. There are still many places where the kids have to pass through paths through snow banks twice as tall as the average 2nd grader.

The problems are widespread and even major thoroughfares are missing lanes which makes commuting a nightmare. And forget about parking a car anywhere. The mounds of snow have caused drivers to think outside the box - and the lines, and good common sense. The rule seems to be to park it when you find enough room for it to fit.

Thankfully none of this effects my knitting too much. I've got plenty of yarn, needles, and projects in my queue to keep me busy for a while. I also have plenty of un-snowy places to sit and knit. Here are a few favorites -

  1. My couch - especially the end that's perfectly angled towards the television.
  2. My office - shhhh, don't tell anyone. It's got really good light for intricate stuff and it's very quiet.
  3. Conference calls - since my boss is in NY we have plenty of these and sometimes my knitting is the only thing that makes them bearable.
  4. Fitting rooms - not when I'm trying stuff on of course but when my girls are trying stuff on the knitting helps keep me from losing it.
  5. Commuting to work - there is something to be said for letting someone else do the driving.
  6. Long car trips - ditto! As much as I love to drive I'm always happy to let hubbo drive on long trips so I can knit.
  7. My deck - I can't wait until the spring to take advantage of this again.
  8. Anywhere warm - by the pool is a good place but the beach works too.
  9. Trains and planes - combine the thrill of travel and the relaxation of knitting.
  10. With friends - Most of my local friends don't knit so this usually means going to a festival which is even better.

Where do you like to knit?


Carole Knits said...

Great list, Hillary! I forgot about changing rooms.

JessaLu said...

My end of the couch is the perfect angle for the TV too ;o) Great list! I hope you guys can dig out soon...