Feb 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Household Tasks You've Been Avoiding

Ugh, if I admit that I'm avoiding them then do I have to buckle down and do them?

Here's a little something to pretty the post up before I get down to business. On Sunday, I went out to take some pictures of the snow and I noticed this bird's nest in my neighbor's tree.


Here's all the stuff I'm procrastinating on around the house. For all the world to see in black and white. Much of it is familiar from my list of goals for the year.

  1. Clean out my closet - and dresser, and night table, and ... you get the picture.
  2. Clean out the storage area in my basement and sell all the stuff we don't need.
  3. Reorganize the books in the rec room shelves. - Once upon a time they were shelved alphabetically. Hopefully they will be again.
  4. Organize the stash. - It's a little out of control.
  5. Repaint my bedroom - I think that the color isn't quite right. Sadly it's a bold color which will take many coats of paint to cover.
  6. Weed around the mailbox - It just looks sad
  7. Replace the flag and repaint the mailbox - ditto
  8. Divide and replant my irises - one year I'll finally get around to doing this.
  9. Organize all the crafty stuff - Some of it's from college and I'm sure there's a bunch of dried out paint there.
  10. Fix the darned kitchen!

That list includes an awful lot of organizing. Is it any wonder that I keep putting it off. It's soooo daunting.

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Carole Knits said...

One thing at a time - you can do it.