May 10, 2010

Blown Away Weekend

As I stated on Friday, aside from being Mother's Day weekend it was also a weekend to celebrate the birthday of my daughter Daria, and my sister Jess. We were fortunate enough to spend it together in scenic Wilkes Barre. PA. Woo hoo!

All joking aside, we chose the location because it was convenient for both families and not for the local attractions. If the weather has permitted we may have ventured out to see the local sites but it was cold and windy. Really, really windy.


The wind didn't stop us from enjoying the hotel pool (and hot tub) a lot. It didn't stop us from seeing Iron Man 2 either. Both were very entertaining and we all enjoyed then very much.

It did affect our celebration dinner a little bit. I had done a bit of online research and came up with a lovely restaurant with a large menu. It was on Lake Harmony - a mere 40 minute drive from our hotel. It was right on the lake and had it not been cold and windy, a table on the deck would've made the drive worthwhile. Sadly you can't control the weather. At least the food was good.


The weather and the evening sunlight also made for a great picture of my Stinkerbelle and her cousins. Well worth the drive.

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Carole Knits said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Great picture of the kiddos.