May 19, 2010

Dazzling Dozen Potholder Swap

Do you get random requests on Ravelry? I do. I'm not talking about friend requests. I love those! I get so many ideas about what I want to knit next by watching what others are doing.

What I don't enjoy is the queries about selling my stash. Especially when it's a sweater's worth of yarn I just bought. No, I bought it because I want it. If I was open to trading or selling it then I'd label it as such. It's just a nuisance. End of rant.

Another type of random request is the request to join this or that. Often I'm not sure who it's coming from or why but, whatever. I usually don't join... except for the Dazzling Dozen Potholder Swap. This one spoke to me.


The idea is that everyone is broken into groups of 6 or 12 and accordingly you knit a potbolder each month to send to the member of the month, except for when you're the member of the month and you get 5 or 11 potholders in the mail. I love having a reason to play a little with the crochet each month and not have to do one pattern over and over again. It's also cool that it's spread out over quite a while so there's no pressure.


This is the first one I made. I sent it out on time (just barely) and it was received positively. I used the Scalloped Potholder pattern for both sides. I'll try other patterns for other ones. It should be fun. Especially since it's using up tons of yarn scraps.

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