May 4, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 People You Would Like To Interview

On Sunday afternoon I relaxed in the garden. I pulled weeds and planted some of the seedlings. There are a lot of them so I hope to finish soon. I'll be shocked if we don't have a huge harvest this year.

Anyway, while i was working in the garden Bruce came out to help. He went to clean out the birdhouse and when he opened up the back of it he found it full of baby birds. Can you see them amid all the fluff? I didn't want to disturb anything so I just took a quick picture before he closed it up again. It's nice to stop near the birdhouse in the morning and listen to the tiny chirps.

Baby birds

So, it's Tuesday again and the topic this week is 10 People You Would Like to Interview and Carole specified that we're going for living people this time. Here goes:

1. Oprah - Who wouldn't want to interview her?
2. Tom Colicchio - after hosting Top Chef for years he's been named Top Chef for real by the James Beard Foundation. Imagine all that he could teach a foodie like me!
3. Johnny Depp - So cool
4. Diane Sawyer - Another woman I really admire
5. Judith Mackenzie McCuin - after class with her last week I'd say that she is endlessly interesting
6. Michelle Obama - She makes me proud to be a woman in America
7. James Franco - I was just reading about how he's enjoying life as a career student and that fascinates me.
8. Bill Clinton - For all his personal failings he is still so magnetic.
9. Hillary Clinton - It's not just because she spells her name correctly. I really admire her and think that she'd be really interesting.
10. Laura Lippman - I really enjoy her books and I'd love to ask her all kinds of things about her writing.

Of course you know that I'd never be able to interview any of them only because I'd totally freeze up and forget how to talk if given the chance. Just sayin'. Who would you interview?


Carole Knits said...

Our lists are similar - no big surprise - but I can't believe I left Diane Sawyer off of mine!

JessaLu said...

Awww! Love baby birds! (even though they look like aliens, hehe)

Great list!

Sarah said...

Tease ;) I am so very curious about that class now.