May 14, 2010

ECF - New Peonie Edition

It's been an unexpectedly quiet week here on the blog. I tried to post on Tuesday but a nasty cold left me feeling so foggy and miserable that it was all I could do to get to work each day so that's where I focused the few brain cells that were still functioning. I'm feeling a little better now but and the prospect of a relatively quiet weekend is lifting my spirits.

New Peonies

This is a new addition to my landscape. It's a different type of peonie than the ones I already had. I love them and foresee many more peonies and irises in my landscaping future.


Sarah said...

I hope your weekend gave you the rest and rejuvenation you needed.

Jeqdesigns said...

I heart peonies! One of my favorite flowers. Riches, fertility, beauty, and said to bring good fortune - seems like just the life for me!