May 20, 2010

Garden Report - May 20th

Aren't these blueberries lovely? Yeah, I didn't actually grow them for real. These are on one of 2 bushes that I bought this year. I'm going to plant these 2 and the original 3 in a new spot in the hope that they'll do better there. The reason I didn't plant them yet is that I didn't want to disturb the plant while it was producing berries.

It turns out that it didn't matter because the temporary home for these plants is right next to the bird house where the baby birds were. Duh! I hope that they enjoyed them.


Fortunately there are plenty of things that are growing well in our garden this summer and here's a peek at some of them.

This is broccoli. I know it doesn't look like it yet but the plants look healthy and seem to be growing well so I have faith that it'll look more broccoli-like soon.


Here's one of the plants that Stinkette is most excited about. Potatoes! We've got 4 plants in the garden and another 4 in a planter on the deck. For ages it seemed like nothing was happening and Bruce felt silly watering a pot of dirt but now they've sprouted into happy, leafy plants. Even if we only get a few potatoes it'll be worth it because the plants look so great on the deck.

Potato Plant

Here's the last on to share today. It looks a lot like the broccoli but it's different. Can you guess what it is?

Brussels Sprouts

It's one of my favorite veggies - Brussels Sprouts.


Carole Knits said...

Everything looks wonderful. I remember growing Brussels sprouts as a kid and I couldn't figure out HOW the heck that plant was going to turn into Brussels sprouts! So much fun!

Cursing Mama said...

love the blueberries . now I need some of my own.

Laurie said...

Can't wait to see how the sprouts do. I always wonder about growing them.

I planted blueberries six years ago. Haven't gotten one yet. Must cover.