May 17, 2010

Sun Block

If last week was a lost week then this past weekend more than made up for it. After feeling so awful all week I looked forward to 2 days of quiet and relaxation. I thought it was what I needed. As it turns out I was non-stop busy and at the end of it I feel super. My head is still not totally clear but my spirits are lifted so high that it almost doesn't matter.

Saturday started with Stinkerbelle's ball game. Her team played so hard and my girl was right there doing her best. At the end of the game we had the bases loaded with enough runs to tie or win and I heard one of the parents near me say that what we really need now is a "Daria Hit." My girl is apparently getting known as a power hitter. Even the coach of the opposing team noticed and told his players to move out further when she got up to hit. Sadly that last at bat didn't provide the monster hit we needed and we lost by 1 run but it still felt great.


What didn't feel great was my face and legs. I made sure that Stinky was sprayed well because she was going to be in the field but the sun block I refer to in the title isn't a lotion - it's a mental block. Apparently there is a place deep, down in my psyche where I believe that my skin is immune to the sun's rays despite all evidence to the contrary. I can't explain it but I'll be thinking about it all week as I try to camouflage my beet red nose and raccoon eyes.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good too, including the GS troop meeting at my house on Sunday afternoon. The girls had a great time on the deck doing mosaics on flower pots and a few of them sampled strawberries from the planter on the table. Everyone agreed that they were delicious. We were having so much fun looking at my Cake Wrecks book (good call Jess) that we nearly forgot to grout the pots.

I think that the good feelings may just take me through the next few days of rain.


Carole Knits said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend. Sounds busy but fun!

Sarah said...

I hope the rain is good for all that you want to grow and you heal quickly from your sunburns.