Apr 7, 2011

Inspired to Plant

Last weekend Stinkette and I spent a little time on the deck. I was focused on practical tasks like filing the new, supposedly squirrel-proof, birdfeeder and planting strawberries. Stinkette was beautifying. She was inspired. DSC_0877 Last year around this time we went to visit my inlaws in Florida and spent a morning at one of my M-I-L's favorite places - Morikami Gardens. It was so lovely and peaceful. I took lot's of pictures that day like the one below of one of the bonsai. Stinkette was particularly taken with the container gardens and recalls examining them with her grandmother. So when we went to the nursery recently to get seeds for the veggie garden she asked to get supplies for a container garden to remind her of her grandmother and the day. She chose a few flowers, a pot, a little tree, some ground cover and a few props. The results are above. Now she wants to do more. Morikami Bonsai


Carole Knits said...

I love container gardens - no weeds!

Manise said...

Container gardens are fun! She chose some lovelies there. :-)