Apr 25, 2011

When Not to Go Camping

Yes, you read that right... camping. I'd probably say that it's not highly advisable to go when you're 7 months pregnant but I made these plans many months ago when I was feeling like this pregnancy was going to be easy.


I took last Thursday and Friday off to take my daughter's Girl Scout troop camping. Mostly it was fine and I survived but having lot's of great help was the key. Four other mom's and 2 teens (including my DQ) came to assist and they collectively made sure that I did no lifting and, honestly not much beyond providing guidance. I love them.

Sadly they couldn't do anything about the cold and the rain. And there isn't much anyone could do about having to sleep on the floors. Ouch!


Fortunately I was able to spend the subsequent weekend relaxing. I read, I ung out on the deck, I planted stuuf and I napped... a lot! Best of all, DQ and I went to have mani/pedi's. I got a color that I m currently obsessed with, one that's so appropriate for this week - Dating a Royal.

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Carole Knits said...

Love the pedicure but camping in your condition? Grrlfriend you are crayzzzzeeee!