Apr 4, 2011

Peak, What Peak?

I've reached the point where time really just doesn't seem to be on my side. I've got lot's of stuff to do and few opportunities to get it done. Even worse, not much energy. That's why weekends like this past one feel so damn good! Friday night I went to the theatre with a good friend who had an extra ticket. The play, and Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde was beautiful to look at but very slow. We were a party of 6 but only my friend and I made it to the end. Even so it was such fun to be out in the city. Saturday was errand day. Chaperoning play tech day at the HS, groceries and such. Sunday we did errands of a different sort - examining some of the baby stuff that's been tucked away in the basement and shopping for new stuff. It feels so good to have that done. Makes it a little more real. One thing that we didn't do this weekend was visit the Cherry Blossoms at the tidal basin. Their peak is now past and I missed it for the first time in a while. Never fear though because my tree, Yoshi, is still taking it's time blooming. Most of the branches are filled with buds that look like these. DSC_0871 There are also a few flowers to give us a hint of what's in store. DSC_0873 I can't wait!


Carole Knits said...

Is it mean that I'm not upset that you missed the cherry blossoms? It always makes me so jealous!

Manise said...

Well you'll have a private showing in your yard soon and next year you'll be pushing a baby in a stroller enjoying the cherry blossoms. Cracking up at Carole. :-)

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

The private show in your yard will be lovely. Our plum tree is in roughly the same state as your cherry tree - and it's a good three weeks later than normal!