Apr 28, 2011

Small Victories

Sometime over the past few weeks I reached the point of overload where a switch was thrown and now I'm finally able to tackle stuff one thing at a time - more or less. Truly there is no other way to go. I refuse to make a to-do list because it would be scary long and depress me. It's inescapable anyway - all rolling around in my head. Instead I just keep plucking one task or another from my mental list and attacking it, then I move on. I'll get to it all eventually.

Stuff on the list includes birthdays (many), elementary school graduation and other end of school year stuff, multi-phase house renovation, school play, softball, field hockey, family events - planning and attending, summer planning. There's more but I can't remember it all right now.

Oh, yes and there's a small and needy person arriving in just over 8 weeks! Truthfully that's the one I'm least prepared for and yet, I'm not worried about the lack of prep at all.


So I'm just plugging away at the list and each item that I can check off is a small victory. Meanwhile things in my area are blooming everwhere. Driving down the street I feel like I'm in a sea of pink. I'll have to take the camera out and show you. There are dogwoods everwhere and some other tree with pink blossoms that is leaving pink petals all over the place. Funny how it doesn't bother me so much when the stuff being tracked into my house is crushed pink petals.

My yard is blooming too. Some things are blooming less than usual but it all looks really healthy so I'm not worried. Then again there are my peopnies that look ready to pop any day and irises and lilies are sprouting everwhere. I'm keeping watch with my camera.


Cursing Mama said...

I can not begin to imagine how much prep is involved in welcoming a tiny person after a "break". Getting all the new stuff you used to have but sold & gave away - or it's no longer safe... clothes, special laundry soap..Best Wishes!

Carole Knits said...

You know what that little person will need? You and not a whole lot else for a while.