Nov 9, 2006

Chin Shots

Have you ever tried to take pictures of your own hands with your chin? It’s not easy. Of course such things wouldn’t be necessary if I weren’t so stubborn. I finished another pair of Fetching late last night and I couldn’t wait to share so I took the pictures myself in the wee hours of the morning. Just remember this as you look at the lovely shots that I offer today and be kind.

One week ago I posted a pair of Fetching and told you that I wasn’t crazy about the pairing of yarn with pattern. They were a little more rustic than I’d like. Last Saturday at the Brooks farm booth I saw some sale yarn, random matchless skeins, and immediately knew what I’d do with it.

Fetching Brooks You are looking at a pair of Fetching gloves in Brooks Farm Four Play wool/silk yarn. This is one of the 2 projects that I cast on immediately after returning home from Stitches. Aren’t they great? I really wish that you could feel them. They are super soft and cozy.

Fetching Brooks 2 The color is not super accurate in these pictures but it’s not too far off. The gloves are very rosey looking with touches of coral and lavender. As with so many things this time of year, these aren’t for me but I really wish they were. I have plenty of yarn left over from the skein too. I’m thinking of a matching headband perhaps.

Ick alert. Read no further if it’s lunch time where you are.

These gloves should have been finished much earlier and they would have if Stinkerbelle hadn’t been having issues. She’s been congested lately so we took her to the doctor yesterday and they prescribed a nasal spray. Big mistake! It aggravated her nose and produced a wicked bloody nose all over the place. It also irritated her stomach which… well, I’ll spare you the details. It’s enough to say that my washer is working overtime. It was a pretty rough time at my house and we seriously don’t need any extra problems right now.

By the way, Bloglands own Melissa won her election on Tuesday. Go over and congratulate her. You know you wanna.


Melissa said...

The Fetching pair looks great! I love the yarn color.
Hope Stinkerbelle is better soon!

Carole said...

You took the photos with your CHIN? Damn, you're talented.

Carol said...

Actually, you did an excellent job on the photography! and on your Fetching too! Sure hope stinkerbelle feels better soon. Poor baby.

amanda said...

I wish I could take pics with my chin. Or even my toes. Then I could still knit :o) Your Fetching look lovely!

Hope your sick gal is on the mend!

cursingmama said...

You did better with the camera & the gloves that I ever would.

I'm going to assume that you don't already know the sports trainers secret weapon in bloody noses - tampons. Those things could suck up the Atlantic Ocean even when they're cut in half.