Nov 2, 2006


I was about three when my sister was born. I don’t recall my thoughts at the time but I suspect that they were a combination of excitement and jealousy. That’s just a guess of course, but I'm pretty sure that it’s on target. Just remember this when you read on.

In those early days a family member asked me the new baby’s name and I couldn’t remember or couldn’t pronounce her name so I got creative instead. I told them that her name was Erica Chopped Liver and it stuck. To me she is still Erica Chopped Liver or, more often, ECL. Like any sister, we have our ups and downs but in good times and bad she has always been ECL and always been there.

There has been a lot of stress in my life lately and when I called my sister yesterday to tell her about the latest and lousiest she found just the right thing to say. Just one word - “pudding” - a word that she offered to stand in for one I cannot say. In a weird way it made me feel better so, although I know it’s a little corny, I dedicate this eye candy Friday to ECL.

Eye Candy by L

I had the parent-teacher conference with DQ’s teacher this week and it went well. No surprises except for this. It’s a drawing that she did and it was hanging in the hall. Many of the kids did lovely pictures but I was struck by the one that DQ did. It’s not a simple sketch like so many of the other kids did – it’s a contour drawing. Once upon a time I was an art major and I cannot tell you how much this thrills me. I am so impressed.

Beaded votive 1

This was supposed to be one of a pair of votives from Handknit Holidays. Sadly I ran out of the beads and I can’t find more so this will be a lone votive. I have obtained the appropriate number of beads in other colors and I’ll try to do another set soon.


Melissa said...

When my brother was born, I wanted a sister and told the doctor to send that boy back. LOL
Love the drawing. You have some talent going on there.

margene said...

My sister is also three years younger than me. I was so happy to have sister and called her 'mine'. Now we get along like oil and water. LOL
The votive is beautiful and so is DQ drawing!