Nov 13, 2006

Sam's Green Gloves

I finished yet another pair of fingerless gloves over the weekend. These were by request and they are going in the mail to my niece today. This is the same niece who got the green bag for her birthday. My sister saw the first pair of gloves and mentioned that something like that would be great for my niece to wear for horseback riding lessons. How could I refuse? I even had plenty of the Cascade 220 from the bag left over so they match the bag. How sweet!

D with Green Gloves

Stink and I were down in Alexandria on Saturday for more weaving – she got a loom! I brought the gloves along hoping that we’d have time for a photo shoot and we did. I hope that you like the pictures.

Stinkerbelle really liked the gloves and wanted to claim them for herself. She doesn’t know that a pair for her are already in the works. They’re going to be HOT! I am so excited. These fingerless gloves are a kick to make. I’m wondering if it would be wrong for me to scrap all of my other plans and just make a ton of them. Warm hands for everyone!

This was a super-busy weekend full of creative stuff. I can’t wait to share it all.


Carole said...

Great photo shoot!

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic pic of Daria--glad she liked the gloves! I'll have to show this pic to Sam once the gloves arrive!

Melissa said...

She's so darn cute! Can't wait to see pics of the loom and things made with it!

Anonymous said...

This style fits more snuggly down around the fingers does not roll-up over the knuckles... I like the color lots!