Nov 8, 2006

Proudly Blue

I watched the election returns last night with great interest and excitement. Naturally, I’m thrilled at the results in the House and I’m still optimistic about the Senate. Ya gotta love it when the public speaks so loudly to tell those who feel that they are somehow annointed - "eh, not so much."

While most of the returns last night made this blue girl happy, there is one thing that ticks me off. Voters in the Old Dominion (Red people I’m sure) approved an amendment to our state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. To me this is intolerance and discrimination and I find it deeply troubling. I fail to see how same-sex marriages and state sanctioned unions are more detrimental to marriage than, let’s say, people who change spouses more often than they change toothbrushes. Nuff said!

Moving along to more positive things, I should mention Sock Madness. Actually, I just love talking about it so please indulge me. It has taken off in a big way and I’m really excited about that. The SM blog has gotten over 6,700 hits in the week since we launched it. I’m speechless! Anyway, I just want to say that, I’m trying to update here and there separately so don’t look here for the heavy duty details. You’re more than welcome though. I’ve even been knitting.

PB071662 Do you remember this? It’s the Forest Canopy Shawl made with silk that I dyed myself. It’s been deserted abandoned forsaken sitting in the bottom of a Starbucks bag for many weeks but I’m working on it again.

The problem was the needles. They plainly sucked. I started out using a cheapo circ with a lousy join. You get what you pay for I guess. Anyway, I switched to my Addi’s but the blunt points were killing my knitting mojo which was at an all time low. I seriously considered frogging it and calling it a day.

PB071666 Options saved the shawl from the frog pond. Yep, Options with a capital "O". Felicia got a set and told me about how she loved them. She suggested that I try them many times and I said “thanks but no thanks.” I just wasn’t into the whole interchangeable needle thing. Truly I thought it would suck. I still hate the idea of them but I have to say that they are wonderful to work with. The points are sharp and the joins are smooth and the cord is just right. I still hate the idea of them but I may need a set. Ugh!


Emma said...

Amen, sister!

And pointy needles rock.

Krista said...

Looks like a win for Webb though which eases the blow of the same-sex marriage ban passing. I'm still pissed as all heck about it passing, though.

Sorry about the shawl going to the frog pond! That's not always a bad thing. Usually I manage to find a better use of the yarn and so it all works out okay in the end.

jess said...

the stupidest part of the amendment is that it has almost nothing to do with same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is already prohibited elsewhere in VA law, and that isn't going to change anytime soon (sadly! like you, I don't understand how anyone can think anything negative about it.).

The change that we voted on is actually going to limit rights and protections of things like common law marriage (so, domestic partnerships that aren't necessarily same-sex). So really, the people that voted for that amendment didn't read the SECOND PART of it because it was just touted by the media and others as "same sex amendment" when that wasn't what was being passed at all. Ridiculous.

I love the pointy Options needles!

cursingmama said...

I bought the options too - I haven't used them much, but like them so far. The tips & joins have been awesome.
Can't put arms around same sex marriage bans - don't get how the people who want them think it endangers their marriages & is detrimental to families.

margene said...

I'm off to buy Options!
So happy today...SO HAPPY!

Melissa said...

Love the Options needles! They are sooo nice aren't they?

Kelli said...

Did I hear correctly a few minutes ago that Rumsfeld resigned? I guess HE didn't like the results yesterday, huh? Oh well. Your shawl is just beautiful and I'm to hear that you have found the needles that worked for this project. Carry on!