Nov 7, 2006

Vote or Shut Up

I Voted... Did You?
This is where I could easily post a rant about the current administration if I were so inclined. I’m not. It’s enough to say that I voted today and so should you if for no other reason than to preserve your right to complain.


Yes, I said complain! I’m a blue girl living in a very red state. In most elections I’m pretty sure that my state will go in a direction that ticks me off but still I vote because it is our responsibility to speak for ourselves.

While it’s true that your vote is just one of many, it still counts. Not voting insures that you won’t be heard. No vote – no voice! If you don’t vote then you abdicate the right to complain about out leaders and the choices they make.

Just my 2 cents.


margene said...

A blue grrl here, the REDDEST State in the Union! I vote for the locals if nothing else.

Elspeth said...

Hopefully you'll get a change this year! We probably won't but at least our Governor knows how to act (sort of) like a governor!

Krista said...

VA needs some new blood doesn't it? My biggest concern is amendment #1. If it passes, I may just have to leave the state.

Melissa said...

Of course I voted!! I also won my election. :)