Nov 21, 2006

Finished Objects in Blue

I may have misrepresented things just a little yesterday when I said that last week was devoted to the Yellow Bag. I did work on a few other things as well. I even finished a pair of votive sleeves.

Votive sleeves - take 2
If this isn’t your first visit to the blog then you may have seen my first attempt at votive sleeves. I ran out of beads that time but it turned out ok because I think that I like these much better anyway. The pattern is the Wire Menorah/Votive Sleeves from Melanie Falick’s Handknit Holidays and I used the 24 gauge wire specified. I have no idea about the size of the beads I used. Sorry! I can tell you that the square-ish beads are Czech glass in colors called Crystal and Blue Iris the round ones are glass too but I have no real details. I’m very happy with the way these came out and I will certainly make more – I need one more set to gift and, of course, one for me!

Mailbox I also completed another project last weekend. Well, I finished the first phase of it anyway. I installed my new mailbox. In this picture you can see the old mailbox, still sitting atop a worn and tilting post in it’s old spot on the other side of the driveway. It was a boring black plastic job with a red flag that had recently gone missing. I had been plotting it’s departure for a long time and made sketches showing a low curved brick wall around charmingly planted garden surrounding the new mailbox. As usual it’s a very ambitious plan.

Mailbox - view 2 There is still no fancy brick wall and no lovely plants but the mailbox is up and I love it. I took a plain white metal mailbox and a few cans of spray paint and went to town. I think it’s funky in a very cool way. This box won’t tip over either – we set it in concrete rather than using the lame-o post on a stake that we had before. This baby is built to last! She's off to a very knitty start too – yesterday she brought me a new set of Option needles.


cursingmama said...

So it's a lucky mailbox!

a. said...

lovely votive sleeves! and the mailbox has character--good for you :o)