Dec 13, 2006

First Skein

Start of something cuteTo those of you not yet bitten by the spinning bug - I apologize. Hearing me go on and on about spinning class must be very boring. In the interest of keeping it interesting for you I offer a little peek at a new project. I saw this new pattern recently and I fell in love. Isn't it obvious? I'm so enthralled by this pattern that I've been enticed to use the dpn's I despise. It will be a gift for one of my nieces when its done. Since I know how much you love guessing games, I'll let you guess what it is rather than telling you. Need a hint? Ummm... it's very cute and Frankie, (the 5th member of our K4S household) would like to claim it as a buddy.

Back to the spinning. I've had spinning and wheels on my brain so much lately. It's led to some amusing conversations. Actually, the same conversation over and over again. I'll be talking to a friend and mention that I'm going to spinning class and suddenly there will be a lull in the conversation coupled with odd looks from my friends. Then I remember who I'm talking to and clarify - spinning yarn, not spinning at the gym! Seriously, I am totally not an organized exercise kind of a gal and all my friends know this. (Of course that doesn't stop them from trying to convince me of the merits of regular exercise.) It's just funny that everone jumps to the same, incorrect, conclusion.

Last night I did a lot more spinning and I can really see and feel the improvement. I also think I may know what my first wheel will be. This is my forst skein from last week. It's been set and skeined and I like to pet it. The stuff I spun last night was much better. There is still a lot of uneven-ness but it doesn't vary quite as much.

First Skein


Carole said...

You'll always treasure your first skein! So? What's the decision on the wheel? Hmmmm?

cursingmama said...

Am I still allowed to participate in guessing games?

Yosemite said...

I o know what you're talking about. I never even heard of spinning as exercise. To be honest, I have NO idea what the heck it is. I was talking to someone and mentioned about my learning to spin and she just assumed I was talking about exercise. Now I always clarify that I am learning to spin yarn and I'm getting a wheel. People think I'm nuts. They just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you are knitting Sheldon from the new Knitty issue.
Am I right?