Dec 3, 2006

Happy Birthday DQ!

Today is the birthday of my very own Drama Queen. I found my baking mojo just in time and managed to turn out a creation to make her smile. She celebrated it by inviting 5 of her nearest and dearest to spend the night. Hubbo took Stinkerbelle to see the Caps play the Sabres (lerts go Caps!) so I was assisted by my buddy Felicia for the evening. I am so thankful for an adult to help me keep the peace!

ListI tried so hard to plan ahead. I even had DQ make a list of activities in an attempt to control the insanity. Don’t you love her list? I was clearly delusional.

Put a gaggle of tween girls together and it takes very little to set them off. Oh the drama! They watched movies, they played games, they tried out DQ’s new curling iron. No matter what the activity – it was loud.

I feel really bad for the nice people at a little restaurant near our house. We arrived for our reservations and the people all looked up in fear. Seeing a gaggle of tween girls enter an otherwise quiet restaurant could definitely cause one to assume that the evening is about to take a turn. I could swear that a number of them immediately called for the check.

DQ blows out the candlesIn the end it’s all good and I don’t have to do this again for a few months. The house is still standing, the girls went home none the worse for wear and DQ had a great celebration. That’s what it’s all about.

I love you DQ!


Carole said...

Oh, bless you for hosting a sleepover. They are lots of fun for the kids but for the parents? Not so much. I'm sure you're glad it's OVER.

margene said...

She is a beautiful grrl! Enjoy your youth DQ.

You're a great Mom, H.;-)

Melissa said...

Sleepover?!?! Have you lost your mind! I hosted one for my sister in law when she was about 12 and I told her that she had ruined it for any future children of mine.

Krista said...

Happy Bithday to DQ! I have no entered the sleepover age yet and am dreading it...