Dec 6, 2006

Time to Reevaluate

Tonight, as I sat at my desk catching up with my correspondence, Stinkerbelle came over to show me a little something. She held up a pair of socks I made for her earlier this year and told me that she had worn them to school today. (The pungent aroma confimed this) She said that she had been "showing them off" at school. Awww... I felt so special. Then she left and came back with the book order form that they gave out at school today and started to show me what she had her eye on. Boom! I came back down to earth in a hurry.

I've reached one of the key moments in my holiday knitting marathon. The reality check! Hanukkah is just over a week away so it's time to think about all of this with a clear head and decide what I can really finish for gifting this year.

FF ScarfThe first to go is this lovely scarf. I haven't really gotten very far with it but, someday, it will be Forbes Forest in KP Andean Silk and I really love it. I can totally see why so many people adore this pattern and I think that my hairdresser will too - next year. I'll enjoy this much more if I can go at a more leisurely pace without all night knitting marathons. Besides, by pushing it off to next year I am no longer late for this year but early for next.

One of the 4 pairs of socks on my list goes too. I wanted to make socks for both of my girls for the holidays but I'm running out of time fast. One child will get the socks I planned because the pair is nearly half finished. Never fear - the other child will be getting some very cool knits too - just not socks. I'm working on a very cool scarf and fingerless gloves for her. They are totally unmatched but both totally her.

I think that the remainder of my sock time between now and the end of the year will be reserved for some decadent, cashmere, pink ribbon socks for my M-I-L. That and preparations for Sock Madness will keep me knitting sockks for a very long time!

I think that those adjustments should cover it all but I may need to revisit this again.


Carole said...

It still sounds like a lot to me. Good luck with the new plan.

Grandpa Marty said...

Maybe you forgot that you gifted me with a really neat pair of blue socks with a yellow heel and toe.