Dec 11, 2006

Purple Passion Scarf

Well, I can cross one more holiday knit off my list because this scarf is done.


This was one very simple scarf that combined a bunch of stuff I like. My design process was pretty simple. First I chose a bunch of yarns that I liked which went well together. In this case is was KP Andean Silk in Hyacinth and Cornflower (I just love this stuff), Moda Dea Lazy Daisy in Purple Rain and some new Berroco yarn that I got for free at Stitches (the leftover ball is in the picture below). I don't know the name of it but it was funky and perfect for this project.

IMG_0102[1]I wanted to do a lengthwise garter scarf for Stinkerbelle but I really worried a bit about it keeping it's shape. I-cord solved this problem. I used 200 stitches and did an i-cord cast on and an i-cord cast-off and I think thast it gives the scarf just enough substance to hold up to Stink. The design was simple 3 of this and 3 of that. I even did 3 'fun' rows but I did 2 of the Lazy Daisy and one of the Berroco to lend interest through asymmetry.

I wish you could feel this scarf. It's so soft and snuggly. The funky bits in the Lazy Daisy yarn are like little cottony puffs.


Anonymous said...

Great scarf! Love the colors.

Carole said...

It's very cool and funky. I'm sure she'll love it.