Dec 24, 2006

Key West

Isn't this sticker cool. It's constantly updated to show the current weather conditions in Key West, where I'll be during most of the coming week. I'm not bringing my computer so blogging will depend on the weather and the availability of internet.

Click for Key West, Florida Forecast

When we planned this little trip I envisioned strolling through town in my sandals and a nice, fresh pedicure. The fact that my feet would be sporting nasty purple bruises was not something I could forsee but, there you have it. I'll be forced to spend more time knitting by the pool and less time siteseeing. The horror!

It's funny how life has a way of throwing you a curve every now and then. We originally planned to be in Florida for a family event in November but this particular branch of the family has some screwy priorities and elected to put their friends ahead of family (these are close first cousins not distant relatives). At the time it was a huge family drama but, because we didn't go then, we are able to go now. As it turns out, now is when we need it most anyway. Isn't it funny how things work out?

We've been packing all day today. Of course the hardest decision is which knitting to bring. Decisions, decisions! I fibnally settled on a few things...

trip planning

Does that look like too much? You can click through to Flickr to get the details by clicking on the picture. It's really not as bad or crazy as it looks. A few of the projects are near or beyond the half way mark. There are 2 pairs of fingerless mitts that haven't been started yet in that pile but they go super fast. Let's remember that due to my recent injury I'll need to spend quite a bit of time off my feet. That should be conducive to lot's of knitting and reading. By the way, I found that hubbo's golf club carrier is an excellent place to stow my blocking wires. Hahaha!

Happy holidays to everyone that's celebrating! See ya soon!


margene said...

Sitting by a pool!? Knittin?! Grrl you got it good. Have a fabulous holiday!

Krista said...

That does look like a lot, but if you don't have anything else to do, you'll probably get through it all! Have fun!

Carol said...

Have a great time! Wish I could pop on down to see ya! I don't live too far away. There's a great yarn shop there called Knit Wits
It's on 218 Whitehead Street by the museum- 305-295-7565
Mon-Fri 10:30-5:30 and Sat 12-4

So if you forget something, they'll have it. You can have lots of fun right there at pool no kidding! The weather will be in the 80s Enjoy!