Jan 1, 2007

Happy Everything!

Happy New Year!

I took this picture on Duval Street in Key West. They told us that on New Years Eve a drag queen sits in the shoe as they lower it.

I got home from Florida yesterday. It was mostly a great trip and there are parts of it that I can't wait to share but today is all about celebrating. Not only is is New Years Day - it's my blogiversary and, since I've never been good at keeping journals, it's a day I never expected to see.

IMG_0151I started the blog without any real direction and no expectations but it has changed me in more ways than I could ever imagine. I have met really great people online and, while most of them are far away, the support and encouragement that they provide is very real and special. These blog friends have offered advice and suggestions and inspiration. Just as importantly they've provided a knitting community full of people with similar interests that enriches my life in general.

Some of the changes over the past year are more visible. My stash has grown by leaps and bounds. Every day I read my favorite blogs and see things that I just have to have. I see gorgeous yarns that I crave. It's not just the pretty things that have caught my eye and lead to the growth of my stash - it's stuff that's new to me. Pre-blog, I stuck mostly to cotton. I was afraid of wool. The only wool I knew was scratchy and rough. Now my stash includes a great amount of wool and, through spinning, I'm learning more about the different types of wool than I ever dreamed.


The types of projects I work on has greatly increased and changed too. I've made hats, scarves and sweaters in the past. This year made my first pair of socks and followed it with 14 more. 15 pairs of socks!

I also made shawls and lace - both new to me. In all, I created 43 finished objects in 2006. The last of them was naturally a pair of socks finished this past Saturday night just before we left Florida. They look ok in the picture but the really great thing about these sock is the feel - 100% cashmere! They are softer than anything I've ever touched. I hope that my M-I-L enjoys them.

I could say so much more about the knit-alongs I participated in, the spinning, the dyeing, the fiber events etc. It's all been great and as I look forward to the new year and I know that it will be even better.

Thanks to everyone out there that makes Blogland great!


Carole said...

I'm glad I found you this year, Hillary.

Krista said...

Happy Blogiversary and New Year! It's funny that you knit 43 obejects this year because I knit 42! 15 socks is a lot for your first year of knitting them too! I look forward to another year of your blog.

Carol said...

Happy New Year!!! Hope you had a great time in the Keys! See? It IS warm here isn't it? Quite an accomplishment for only one year! A very Happy Blogiversary!!!!! We're so glad you're here!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Happy Blogiversary, Hillary! You have certainly been a great addition to my blogroll!

CursingMama said...

Happy Blogaversarynewyeary!