Jan 15, 2007

Holiday Observance

Today is a holiday - sort of. It's not that I question the worthiness of Martin Luther King because I don't. I think that he is absolutely worthy of an official rememberance. What I wonder about is this business where they declare a federal holiday but most big businesses choose to ignore it. What message does that send? Are we saying that it is of lesser importance than Memorial Day or Labor Day? Maybe we're just saying that those 'days' occur at more opportune time for a celebration. Hmmmm....

If you guessed that I am not off on this holiday, you're right. The very large and well known company that I work for requires my presence today. My daughters' school, on the other hand, is closed. Thankfully hubbo has a more flexible schedule so the girls have someone to watch them - otherwise I'd have a real problem. I cannot imagine that I'm the only person who has noted the disparity in how the holiday is celebrated by various companies and institutions.

Library - closed!
Mail - nope!
School - nobody home
Federal government - lovin' the 3-day weekend of course!
Corporate America - be there or be square

What exactly is the message we're supposed to be getting?

Rant over!

I spent Saturday ironing out issues with my daughter's weaving loom. It's a long drawn out story that would bore you to tears so I'll spare you. What is of note is that I was in 2 yarn stores this weekend and I didn't bring home any new fiber, of any type, at all. None! Are you shocked? I am. This is not to say that I came home emptyhanded. Not a chance!

Treats on a Yarn Diet

At Knit Happens I got 2 sets of #1 Addis (not shown'cuz you've seen Addis before) for a project in progress, Soak in the scent of celebration (Yum!) and samples of the other scents. At Springwater I got their last copy of Victorian Lace Today which prompted hubbo to wonder if my stash diet was going to cause rapid growth in my knitting library. Well, duh, of course! The other object in this picture is a little oil bottle for the wheel that should arrive very soon (can you tell that i'm counting the minutes till it arrives?) - but not today because, unlike me, the post office is observing the holiday. Harrumph!


Carole Knits said...

I'm so happy to work at the library on days like this. ;-)

Margene said...

I'm at work, too...bah humbug!

Susie said...

I'm at work, too, and I am a librarian, so not ALL libraries are closed! ;-)