Jan 12, 2007

ECF - 1/12/2007

Remember how I said that I took an unusually large number of pictures during our recent trip to Key West? Yeah, well I should give you all fair warning that I suspect that I'll be pulling them out on Eye Candy Friday off and on for some time to come. Today is no exception.

KW Bananas

When I was a kid I ate bananas just like everyone else but somewhere along the way they ceased to be enjoyable for me. These days even the smell of a banana makes me ill. Never-the-less I thought it was pretty cool that there were bananas growing right in front of our hotel. I am a little disturbed about the squareness of them though. I'm pretty sure bananas are not suposed to have corners or do they lose their angles as the ripen?

Yarn from LEI'm also pretty sure about another thing - I love The Loopy Ewe! I've seen other people rave about Sheri and they're not wrong. She's great! I ordered from her for the first time in December and was amazed at how quick the delivery was. I also loved the little handwritten note. Such a nice touch! I totally meant to say something but, um, I was a little preoccupied.

This week I had a moment of weakness and I ordered again. No, this is not an infraction of my yarn diet because it's sock yarn but... I was really trying so hard not to buy any yarn at all. Really though, who can blame me? This stuff - "Berry" from Sweet Georgia and "Neon Vegas" from All Things Heather - is gorgeous. I know that others have chosen to include sock yarn in their yarn diets but, although I already have quite a collection at home, I also have plans to knit many socks this year. Not only will I be test knitting all of the patterns for Sock Madness - I've got other things lined up as well. See, I can't actually participate in Sock Madness because it wouldn't be fair. Instead I plan to sign up for some sock swaps to keep me entertained while I supervise Sock Madness. That way everyone wins!


Anonymous said...

Hill, those might be plantains, which would account for their shape.

Margene said...

Love the picture of the bananas or plantains...very cool!

Carole Knits said...

Love the bananas - square or not!

Margene said...

Have you heard of Blooin' Feet? It's a sock exchange you might like. Email me if you're not already involved.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they might be plantains,too. Whatever they are, it's a great picture!

Carol said...

Some folks grow them in their yards. I don't blame you a bit for buying that yarn. It's gorgeous!