Jan 28, 2007

Cars and Un-Candy Canes

Thanks for the compliments on my pictures. I knew I loved that picture of the green hills but I really wasn't sure anyone else would. With a picture from a vacation sometimes it's hard to separate your feelings about the day from your feelings about the picture itself.

Have you ever been to the auto show? It's so much fun if you're a car person - and I am. It was here in DC this past week and hubbo got free tickets so we went. DQ brought a friend along and the girls had a blast "testing" the cars. The took turns behind the wheel and saw some really cool stuff. There were hybrids and other environmentally conscious vehicles all over. Then there were the concept cars. Some of them were really out there! I just love to see the stuff they come up with even if it never makes it to production.

The highlight of the show for all of us was Camp Jeep. They had a course set up where you would ride in a Jeep over obstacles. DQ and her buddy were sure we'd tip over at one point and they squealed as we went up a crazy incline. It was very cool and well worth the hour spent on line.

Auto Show 2007

Did you know that te Camaro is coming back? It is, and that car brings back such memories. It was the first car I ever drove. My friend Dawn had a red one with sheepskin seats and she let me get behind the wheel the day I got my permit. I'm sure there are many people who can remember the first time they hit the brake hard but mine involved chocolate ice cream that flew everwhere and ruined those fancy seat covers. Thankfully she was a really good friend and didn't hold it against me.

Un Candy CaneI didn't knit at the auto show but I did find other times to work on stuff and I found that some of the UFO's in my basket are much closer to completion than I thought. So much so that I may actually finish off one of them later this week.

Meanwhile, I spent more time than I'd like weaving in the ends on this scarf which I've dubbed the Un-Candy Cane. The pattern is the Irish Hiking Scarf. I like the feel of it, I like the look of it but I'll never knit another one. It's not a bad pattern at all but I found it so tedious. There's just not enough action for me. I also found the contract of working with the Wool Ease and the KP Swish to be interesting. Swish is much nicer. It feels more substantial and solid somehow. I would definitely use it again.

I'll leave you with another shot of the Un-Candy Cane.

Un Candy Cane


Carole Knits said...

You just have to love a Jeep! And the scarf is awesome.

Norma said...

Oh, I LOVE that scarf!

Carol said...

Beautiful! It does look like lots of work. Funny car story, chocolate huh?