Jan 2, 2007

The Sites and Sounds of Key West

KW paperKey West was wonderful for the most part but it was marred by one really unfortunate event. Our hotel got evacuated due to the death of a guest. I won't name the hotel chain but you can find out the details by googling "Key West carbon monoxide" if you're interested. It was a horrifying and stressful event but, aside from the difficulty finding an alternate hotel on the island during such a busy time, we're just fine.

Now that the unfortunate part of the trip is out of the way, I can tell you how cool the rest of it was - Super Cool! When I was an undergrad living in in the dorms at FIT in New York City, I would go out for a walk with friends and find myself covering 20 blocks or more effortlessly. Suddely we'd be in Columbus Circle or Soho and wonder where the time went. Key West is a lot like that. Despite my broken toe and sprained ankle (both still very painful) I found myself walking a good deal more than I intended. There was always something one block over that I just had to see.

Scenes From Key West

1. Mallory Sunset, 2. KW Sunlit Roof, 3. Banyan Tree, 4. KW White Rooster, 5. KW House 3, 6. Rooster in Drag Sign, 7. Banyan Resort, 8. KW House 2, 9. Rooster in Drag Statue, 10. KW Porch Rooster, 11. KW Hemingway's House, 12. Charlie Chaplin, 13. KW Porches with Flowers

Here are a sample of the pictures I took. I took more on this trip than on most others in recent memory. The whole island was so alive and inviting. We went to Hemingway's house and saw the famous six-toed cats ( I initially slipped and wrote socks heehee - clearly I've been knitting too many socks). We took the Conch Trolley and enjoyed the narrative talents of "Miss L", the driver of the year. We enjoyed the performers at the sunset celebration in Mallory Square and the squawking of the roosters that followed us everywhere. We cursed the cruise ships that blocked the sunset one night too. We covered Duval Street from end to end multiple times. It was all wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Next up - food, butterflies and... oh yes, there was yarn too.


Carol said...

OMG you were in THAT hotel? Poor baby! Thank goodness you didn't get sick!

Carole said...

That's horrible about the hotel thing. But at least you managed to have fun once that was resolved.