Jan 22, 2007

On Sluggishness and Souvenir Yarn

Did I mention what a slug I was over the weekend? Well I was a total slug. I got home really late Friday night and I felt drained so I spent much of the rest of the weekend doing very little. I didn't knit much. I didn't shop. I didn't clean the house. None of it. I did assist at Stinkerbelle's Brownie troop meeting and I did a bunch of laundry but, other than that - nada.

Steadfast Fibers - Grape IceWhile I don't have any knitting progress to report I do have fiber related news. First, I found a yarn store in Morristown on my way to the train Friday night. Ok, I didn't exactly stumble upon it. A more accurate description would be stalking it. I looked it up in my handy Yarn Store directory (always with me on trips - ALWAYS!) and then I googled and mapquested till I figured out the best way to get there.

At right is the fruit of my labor - Steadfast Fiber worsted in "Grape Ice". The color is nicer in person but the picture isn't too far off. It's not sock yarn but it is yarn that I haven't seen before so it fits the KFYS 2007 carve out for souvenir yarn. I see it becoming a scarf or a hat or mittens.

I hate to complain about a yarn store but I had a really hard time at this one. It was small and crammed full of yarn which ought to be a good thing but not this time. It was in boxes and bins and baskets all over - and not in a good way. Not only that but it was arranged by color. I've decided that I don't care for this arrangement. I wanted to find sock yarn but I couldn't find it in just one spot. There were also certain brands I was looking for but I couldn't locate them either. Not only that but the yarn wasn't labeled - instead you had to take it over to a hanging chart to figure out the price. I've seen this before and I don't find it user-friendly. The last thing about this store that turned me off was the abundance of novelty yarn. I think that I like the selection at my AC Moore better.

In the interest of ending this post on a positive note I draw your attention to the new button in the sidebar for Bloomin Feet. I got my match over the weekend and I am stoked! This is going to be so much fun. More sock knitting but this one I can share! Woohoo!


Carole Knits said...

How great that you've joined Bloomin' Feet!

skhpottery said...

I hate stores arranged by color. It's useless for anyone who is shopping for a project. It's designed for beginning scarf knitters who are picking a novelty yarn and a straight yarn. Isn't that fad over? Arggg!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I'll have to let my mom know about that store. The next time she needs to get a new dog, that would be a good experience for them, despite the arrangement of the store. And since mom can't really help herself in a yarn store I suppose the organization doesn't matter so much.

Somehow I missed Bloomin' Feet :-( Enjoy it!

margene said...

We have a local shop that arranges by color and has way too many novelty yarns, too. I hardly ever stop in.
The yarn to you bought is gorgeous!