Jan 30, 2007

Impatiently Waiting

Thanks for the book suggestions. I'll have to go online tomorrow and place holds on a few of them. I love finding new authors to read.

As a kid I was the impatient type who'd stand by the front door with my nose pressed against the glass door, watching for the mailman or my playdate. Apparently the years have done little to lessen those impulses because for the past few weeks I've been doing the electronic equivalent of waiting by the front door because there is a very special package on the way. For the past week I've been compulsively checking the UPS tracking system. Thankfully they promise delivery on Thursday. Hooray!

Boiled AWhile I wait I've been knitting secret socks and trying to finish the Forest Canoy Shawl. Here it is in it's present form. Doesn't it make a lovely heap on my desk? It really ought to be finished by now but I seem leftoversto be unable to follow simple instructions. Thank goodness I've been using lifelines.

At this point I should be able to finish it off and block it tomorrow night. I just have one concern. It's 100% silk so I don't thing that weaving in the ends will work. Right? They're too slippery to hold. Has anyone got a suggestion. Right now I'm thinking of leaving a really long tail after I bind off and then after I block it I'll secure it with a knot. I'm not sure I love (or even like) this idea but I don't have another solution. Speaking of long ends... do you see that huge ball of yarn? I did a few more repeats than required and I still have lots of yarn left over. I have no idea what I'll do with it. At least I didn't run out this time.


Carole Knits said...

You should still be able to weave in the end but definitely wait until after it's blocked.

Teyani said...

I'm in agreement with Carole - weaving in should work - and yup, leave a really long tail. the colors are lovely; reminds me of a peacock.
I've wanted to knit that pattern for awhile now.

Margene said...

I'm behind and missed yeserdays post. I just read Grapes of Wrath (it's so good) and started The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. The shawl looks beautiful in the colorway!

Carol said...

Love the shawl! Can't wait to see it all blocked and blooming! Always better to have too much yarn huh? Maybe a little wispy scarf for the spring?