Jan 5, 2007

ECF - The first one of 2007

Thanks for all the good wishes. I brought hubbo home yesterday and he's doing ok. There's still quite a lot of pain and the mother of all sore throats but he's got some very excellent drugs to help with that. Hehehe. In fact, the drug store accidentally gave us too many when I had the prescription filled and called an hour later in a panic. They have to account for each and every pill. It's that good!

My girls are being so helpful. I had to drag my wonderful Drama Queen out of the kitchen last night where she busily took care of the dishes. Without being asked! The whilrwind that has been this week has left my house loking like a bomb hit. Yikes!

For Eye Candy Friday I give you butterflies:

Key West Butterflies

We went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West and it was one of our favorite parts of the trip. There were hundreds of butterflies all around you. Hubbo and I were so enthralled that we we nt through twice! Believe it or not this represents only a fraction of the pictures I took. Be thankful that I self edited a lot.

Happy Friday!


Margene said...

I'm a day behind (and several $$ short);-)
Knitting does get us through many a rough patch and you've had more than your share lately! It's good to hear that life is improving for you all...a great way to start 2007.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

How fitting to show reborn butterflies for the first ECF of 2007! Those are gorgeous, BTW!

I'm glad things can start to settle into normalcy for you all soon.

Carole said...

The butterflies are incredible. I hope the weekend brings healing for your husband.

Carol said...

Beautiful shots! Hope all calms down for you all and your hubby feels better. (And you too!)