Jan 23, 2007

Miles of Red Scarf

DQ singsTonight was a milestone of sorts for us. We attended what I'm sure is just the first of many school concerts. DQ is in the chorus and the band at her school so tonight we attended her winter concert. Naturally she was wonderful. No, I did not knit during the performance. Remember, DQ stands for Drama Queen. She's also a tween. If she saw me knitting during the performance it probably wouldn't be a good thing. I'm just a guessing here but it's an informed guess.

By the way, DQ is front and center.

Pile o scarfThere is just about one week left to January so tonight was all about working on the red scarf. OMG I can't tell you how badly I want it to be done. It's not a bad pattern and the yarn is ok it's just not very exciting. My fingers want to knit lace and they're supposed to be test-knitting socks. Instead they're knitting miles of red scarf. Ugh! At this point I only have about 10 inches left so, if I really put my mind to it, I should be able to finish it tomorrow or Thursday.

Let's hope I find something more exciting than this scarf to discuss tomorrow.

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Carole Knits said...

Hannah doesn't do chorus and band anymore but when she did I always knit at the concerts. First, it was the only way to survive them. And second, I figure it's my job as her mother to embarass her whenever possible. Don't you love how kids that age are all different sizes? It just cracks me up! Glad the show was good and have fun finishing that scarf.