Dec 10, 2006


After class last Thurdsay I was really excited and just couldn't get the spinning out of my head so this weekend I took the opportunity to go down to Alexandria (where I'm taking spinning class) and do a little homework. Stinkerbelle came with me because she was hoping to get a little bit of weaving time in. It turns out that she was much more into watching me spin. That may be because her regular loom wasn't available.


Anyway, what you see here is the product of about an hour and a half of spinning. You may notice that this is not the Traveller - it's the Majacraft Suzie. Even though we were unable to get along the first time I really wanted to give it another try and, after a little bit of trial and error, we started to understand each other better.

The fiber I was playing with was a little different too. The little bit of brown peeking through is unidentified fiber that I chose because it looked a lot like the fiber that finally 'clicked' for me. It felt safe and I started with it. Most of it is covered up in the picture but it was somewhat even. You'll just have to take my word for it.

After my brown 'comfort fiber' ran out I moved on to the merino that you see on top. It's still very uneven but the constant commentary from Stinkerbelle has something to do with it. I'm really proud of what I spun and I can't wait until class on Tueday.

IMG_0097[1]When I wasn't spinning I was trying to wrap up the holiday shopping and the holiday knitting. I didn't quite finish all of the stuff I planned on completing this weekend but I do have another finished object. This is the Larkspur Hat from the Holiday 2006 issue of IK. I knit it in The Heathers from Cascade. The pattern was easy and I like that result but I'm just not crazy about the way the decreases look. It's definitedly giftable and it came out well but the perfectionist knitter in me says that the decreases leave a little to be desired.

Aside from the hat, I have 2 more gifts that are a heartbeat away from completion. Really, they'd be done by now if I hadn' taken a detour into spinning land. Oh, and I cast on for one more gift. I just couldn't help myself.


margene said...

Merino is a hard fiber to spin in the beginning. Looks like your doing well. Consistancy comes with practice.

aija said...

That's a gorgeous color combo in the merino there! My favorites.

Barbara L. Brewer said...

You're sweet to knit for an "unenthusiastic" brother-in-law. He should count himself lucky!

randi K design said...

The hat looks great! - and the scarf too!