Jul 8, 2007

All at Once

As a friend of mine said to me recently, "I should probably be freaking out right now but I'm not." Admittedly the cause of her distress is a little more major than mine. She's sent out invitations to a somewhat important party (less than a month away) for which she has yet to settle on a caterer. Ooops!

I suppose that I'm in a bit of an ooops situation myself. I've got a bunch of stuff that's happening in the next week or so (most of which I've known about for a long time) and I've suddenly realized that I'm ill prepared for most of it. This is really not like me. I arrive at airports way before flights and pack weeks in advance. I like to be ready was before it's necessary.

Flower Basket ContinuesThe shawl for DQ and the blankie for Stinky which I had hoped to be able to send to camp with them are still unfinished and my girls are due at camp in a week. The shawl may happen but the blankie is unlikely. Stink-o may be correct when she says that she hopes it's done by next year. I could easily bind off the blankie now and call it done but I want it to be bigger - about 9 more strips worth. The shawl looks good and it should be done by now but I keep getting lost in the pattern. The handspun looks great, giving the shawl a bit of a rustic feel, but it makes it really hard to read the lace. Every time I think I'm back on track something goes wonky.

There is other knitting that is due or overdue too. A few friends have had or are about to have babies. I put off this knitting until the last minute because I'm a little superstitious. Now one baby has arrived and the other is immenent - and earlier than expected. I finally went shopping last weekend and this is what I got.

Pink Cotton GlaceDale Baby Ull

Although you can see that something has made it on to the needles already I can't say any more than that without spoiling the surprise.

It's probably fair (kind of) to blame the library for the current state of my knitting. I had put a few books on hold - one of which I was really dying to read - and, after waiting for weeks, they're all available right now. Worse, one of them, a biography of Einstein, is every bit as good as I hoped and very hard to put down. I may have partially solved this problem by giving in and buying a copy of this book. Now I'm not reading under a deadline.

The plate may sound quite full already but wait... there's more. We are renovating 2 bathrooms while my daughters are away. In fact, the guys will begin demolition the day we leave. I have chosen the tile, the fixtures, the cabinetry but it probably won't matter much because I haven't chosen the lighting yet. I'd better get on that super-quick.

Maybe I can run to Home Cheapo between loads of laundry. As I mentioned at the top of this post, my daughters leave for camp next weekend and we still need finish packing. Thankfully, we already shipped 2 very large boxes of bedding, towels etc to the camp and it ought to arrive well before my girls do.

JitterbugWhy is it that with all of this stuff going on all I want to do is knit socks. I don't even feel like knitting fancy ones. I just feel the urge to knit endless boring rows of stockinette. It could be this lovely skein of Colinette Jitterbug that I picked up (on sale!) over the weekend. Should I mention that there was barely any room on the shelf to stash this lovely skein? It would apear that I am currently maxed out on sock yarn or... maybe I just need a new place to hide put it.


Carole Knits said...

Of course you want to knit stockinette socks. It's soothing and that's what you need right now. Good luck getting everything done.

Shelley said...

would it be cheating to bind off the blankie now, send it as is, then when it returns put it back on the needles and do the addition? Get rid of the guilt with the quilt!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Hmmmm, Jitterbug! I have a skein I picked up a couple months back. But I'm intimidated. I love it, though find the yardage a bit scant so am not quite sure what to do with it yet, LOL! You definitely have a lot happening all at once - the new job is in there as well.

Why is that the library always has all of your holds at once?? It just happened to me over the weekend as well.

Carol said...

Good luck getting it done. You will, ya know :)