Jul 11, 2007


Who would've thought that there were so many fans of blue nail polish? Certainly not me. DQ was thrilled to hear that you all appreciate her handiwork. I believe her response was something like "See, mom, I was right!" Yep, she's a sweetheart.
Last night was all about packing and working on that darned shawl. I knit - they packed. Packing for camp is always a little bit of a challenge because I want to send them out into the world looking their best which means that the clothes they wear must fit and be free of nasty stains. The princesses also seem to have 2 criteria they use for packing - the first stuff they put their hands on and the stuff that will make their dad and I the craziest. Packing last night was very well supervised. We made them try the questionable stuff on and retrieved things long forgotten in the backs of drawers. It was all good until DQ tried on one of her dresses and hubbo had a cow. It looked killer on her and she knew it. Did I mention that the camp is co-ed? Ummm, yeah.... I think that hubbo would prefer to send her in a burlap sack. Suddenly he's remembering what he was like at that age and I think he's a little nervous.
Tonight I'll be heading to T*rget or W*lmart to fill in stuff that's missing. I'm hoping to avoid the endless trips to W*lmart upon our arrival in North Carolina. It seems that we do our best thinking on the road and, each year, by the time we check into the hotel the night before camp, we've got a list of stuff that was forgotten and must be purchased prior to arrival at camp. Care to try to guess how many trips to W*lmart we'll make this year? I'm hoping that it'll only be one. (I'm not stupid enough to think I'll get off without at least one trip.)


Carole Knits said...

As a fellow librarian I have complete faith in your organizational skills. I predict just one lone trip to Wally World this year.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

LOL! Smacks of a contest in the making, doesn't it?

Congrats to DQ on looking killer in the dress! Tell dad it is healthy for her to feel good about herself at this stage that can often be awkward.