Jul 31, 2007

Coupons + Sales = Trouble

I think that we all have issues with shopping. Some of us hate it and avoid it at all costs. Some of us would like to take up residence at the mall. Then there are those of who just hate to shop for clothes but we could shop for other things, lets say shoes or yarn, all day long and still not get enough.
School supplies in abundanceI have shopping issues too but they're not the usual ones. I clip coupons and I shop the sales and I really love getting a good bargain. The problem is that I get in ruts and can't resist a deal. This is why there are about 4 large bottles of canola oil in my pantry right now. Likewise the plethora of dish washing detergent in my basement. I haven't bought any in months and I still have quite a stockpile. Ooops! The worst was a discovery I made in the vanity in my daughters bathroom a while back. I sat down to organize under there one day and found 17 large tubes of toothpaste. 17! How long will it take to work through that?

Now, you may be wondering why the picture accompanying this discussion is of school supplies. For 2 girls in elementary school this doesn't look like an unreasonable amount of back to school stuff. Right? Maybe just a little excessive but not too far overboard. Ummmm... what if I said that this is the leftovers from last year's back to school shopping? Yeah, I've got some issues. On the positive side - I don't have to do much back to school shopping this year.
Mmmmm... BFLSometimes, my buying issues are a little easier to understand. Who could blame me for stocking up on BFL when I found a sale? That box, which arrived on Monday, holds 2 pounds that are just screaming to be dyed and spun. Can you tell how much I want to get back to spinning?

So what are your shopping issues?


Shelley said...

I buy stuff on sale, or as my back-up item because I know I am close to the end of something --- then I stash it and lose it! I know I have it somewhere... but rip the place apart and can't find it (so I go out and buy another, and THEN I'll find my spare)

Cursing Mama said...

We do not discuss my love of office supplies at home. If someone needs a pencil, I have one. If someone needs a new ruler, got it. Looking for a 3" white, clear view, D-ring binder? Check.

When I get a little over the top with the food supplies & things like that I take them to the food shelf.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I put off shopping, sometimes for a couple months and then you better watch out because I've stuffed inside for too long and I don't have any resistance to say no, LOL!

I went shopping yesterday though to try find something to wear to SIL2's wedding in a few weeks and found something I think will work on the 70% off, end of season rack! Yeah! I think the whole shebang, including shoes came in under $60!!!

Carole Knits said...

I hate to shop now but it's because I'm so overweight. I like shopping when I can try on things and they look good. And school supplies? UGH!
Now, yarn? I might have a problem with sock yarn shopping. As in, I do TOO MUCH of it. :-)

Carol said...

I just call it nesting. And if it's something you actually use, then you can't really over-stock. Right? I have close to 30 "joy rolls" in the house - family of 4 also. 5 lg boxes of laundry detergent, 2 megaboxes of trash bags, and enough loose leaf paper to get kid 2 through her next 2 yrs in middle school (bought 2 yrs ago). Yarn doesn't count, right? I did just stock up for Hurricane season too, and just in time, the tropics are starting to party. Yarn doesn't count, right?

Margene said...

Now that is awesome shopping!!