Jul 2, 2007


Not the yarn - me! I am unbalanced lately. When I'm in a spinning mode I forget my knitting and vice versa. Lately the spinning has been winning. Yesterday, as I wrote my post, the realization hit me that my daughters go to camp really soon and the knitty goodness that I hope to send with them is no where near ready. That said, Charlotte and I will need to spend a little quality time apart.

BFL Family

This yarn is for my Spun Stitches project - Hanami. It's best described as a family of yarns. Each one relates to the next but is very individual and, I think, would stand well on it's own. The color you see is pretty close but what's missing is the sheen and the softness. I love this yarn something fierce but it's not finished yet. This is about 600 yards of yarn and I need at least 880 so I still have a bit of spinning to do.

Fricke WinderI mentioned my new skeinwinder in passing the other day. Here is a picture of it next to my wheel. It's a Fricke 2 yard floor standing skein winder and it was my gift from my dear husband on our recent anniversary (13 years!). It is making me so happy because winding the yarn off onto the niddy noddy and then having to try to figure out the yarndage was the one part of spinning that I really wasn't enjoying. With my new toy it's so much easier and faster.

I did a little online research before I chose the Fricke and I'm very pleased with it. There is one small gripe though. Some of the pegs that the yarn wraps around are not quite smooth so I'll need to take a little sandpaper to it. It wouldn't be good for the yarn if it gets caught on the pegs.


Carole Knits said...

Thanks for the skein winder picture. You're a lucky spinner!

Margene said...

Nice winder! Love your spinning. I'm SO behind on spinning for my shawl. Have a happy 4th!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Oooo, I have been eying that winder for some time. The niddy noddy is a bit rough on the arms/shoulder when you have full bobbin.

You're yarn progression is going to look fantastic!

Cursing Mama said...

You sure are getting quite the set-up.
Love the yarn -

aija said...

Gorgeous colors for Hanami!!