Jul 18, 2007

Yarn Comes and Goes

IMG_1421See... I found Mosaic. It was such a neat little yarn store in Blackburg - just a few blocks away from Virginia Tech. I arrived on Saturday afternoon and found it full of knitters - all sitting and knitting while chatting. It was such a nice atmosphere. The shop seemed pretty busy, with people constantly coming and going. It's the kind of place that I could totally see myself enjoying if it was close to my house. The yarn there was really nice but nothing new. That didn't stop me from buying some though.

IMG_1422Look at the cute decorations. They said that these yarn balls actually have styrofoam balls as cores but you'd never know it. I was told that Gina originally put them up as Christmas decorations but they liked them so much that they decided to keep them up. I can totally see why.
There was something else I saw at Mosaic that was pretty inspiring and I have no pictures of it to show you at all. They Hokie Spirit blankets were there. They were all folded up in the back room in a really large pile. I really wanted to get closer but I got distracted by something (ummm... yarn maybe) and I never went back. I also didn't take a picture of the map above the couch with all the pins stuck into showing where the squares came from. Let me tell you - there were a lot of pins!
IMG_1454These are the bags from my purchases. Normally I wouldn't take a separate picture of them but just look at how cool the bag from Mosaic is. It's a triangle! Have you ever seen such a cool bag?
IMG_1455Here's what was in the bags. Nothing too earth shattering but very nice in it's own way. I got some Louet Gems to coordinate with a skein of Claudia's Hand Paint. I also got a skein of Twize which is 100% Bamboo. It's my first bamboo yarn and I was thinking that I'd make a Dream Swatch from it. They actually had one all knitted up there and it looked pretty cool. Then I went to Asheville and found 2 lonely skeins of yarn from Knitsmith's, a company I've never heard of, in a sale bin. One is Cashmere/Alpaca in blues and greens. The other is called Sockezze and it's a Superwash with nylon. It's probably not quite enough for a pair of socks but I'm sure that eithert of these would make an excellent Dream Swatch. Now I have 3 great possibilities. The last thing I picked up in Asheville was a ball of Tofutsies. I've wanted this yarn for quite a while.
I'm just very curious about it.
So this is all my sock yarn. I could swear there was more but now that I see it all laid out like this, it doesn't seem that bad. Does it? Certainly it's enough to keep me busy for quite a while but it's not obscene. I really love it all too. Some of it was souvenir yarn that reminds me of where I got it. Some skeins were gifts or prizes. Some I just bought because it called my name - loudly. Will I ever get to knitting it all? Maybe. Will I share? Absolutely!


This brings me to the point where I thin the herd a little. I said that I spend to much time each year at the W*lmart in the town where my daughters camp is and, as I thought about it, I realized just how true that is. The night before we left home I was thinking about having to go to the big W. I could picture it perfectly in my head. The funky way the parking lot is set up. The specifics of the layout of the store. I could see it all so clearly which struck me as wrong because I'm only in that town twice a year for about 24 hours each time. I shouldn't be that familiar with the stupid store!
In this frame of mind I plotted to avoid that store alltogether this year and stopped at T*rget in Blacksburg. I felt so clever. But, as we drove from Blacksburg to NC we realized that we were still missing stuff so I went to big W... but only once! I think that's a small victory.

As I cleared out my sock yarn shelves to take it all outside for a picture hubbo got a little excited. I think he was hoping that it was leaving the house permanently. Clearly I still need to thin the herd so, the random number generator has spoken and I'll be sending Carol a little something.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Not being a mother I can only imagine the sobering thought of your kids doing fine without you. I didn't do that to my mom, instead I called her up crying and asking to come home, LOL! I still do as an adult, doh!

I'm proud that you only made one stop at W*! And what a great camp that sounds like!rv

Margene said...

Mosaic sounds like a great spot! You have a very nice collection of sock yarns...nice of you to share;-)

Carol said...

~drool~ What a great idea for lights! And the bag! I think I'm going to start a log of states with their respective must see yarn shops based on trusted info. That way, if I'm ever traveling in those areas, I have a clue as to what's worth seeing. All that sock yarn all together like that could induce tremors! Good ones of course!